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Seattle: KING5 TV reports on restraint/seclusion of SPED students; teachers are trained

Mar 15, 2019, KING5, Seattle, WA: Washington special ed students traumatized by physical restraints at school VIDEO: “We found children suffering from anxiety, depression, and increased aggression—all stemming from isolation and restraint used at school. “And in Seattle, we discovered one elementary school with a pattern of putting their hands on kids with serious consequences for the students.” A child with autism was then profiled. Typical looking, very verbal, highly intelligent young boy. He added a school where he was restrained because of serious bad behavior…and for lesser things. He now suffers from depression. Ten other SPED families sent a letter about restrain and isolation used on their children. The law has been changed to where restrain/seclusion can only be used in a dire emergency in schools in Washington State. BUT, we’re told the elementary school involved is STILL USING THESE CONTROLS OVER CHILDREN. The example of another boy with autism was used. “…she witnessed her boy Alec, six years old and weighing 40 pounds, being restrained, not once, but on two separate occasions by the special ed teacher.” This caused visible changes in his behavior. The message here: the use of restraint and seclusion “can cause trauma. And if that’s true, then why are we doing it.” KING5 reported that staff at the school had training on “special techniques to avoid the use of isolation and restraint.” WHY are schools STILL using these practices? “We’re not sure why those numbers continue that way when they have been trained, but that’s what happening.” At the end there was a call for more training.
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