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Schenectady, NY: Aquarium offers "sensory-friendly" event for "Autism Acceptance Day"

Oct 22, 2023, CBS6: Schenectady, NY: Via Aquarium hosts sensory-friendly event for Autism Acceptance Day

Rotterdam, NY: Via Aquarium partnered with Asm. Angelo Santabarbara to provide a sensory-friendly experience for individuals and families affected by autism.

Sunday morning, individuals and families affected by disabilities could visit the aquarium at no cost. The event offered families and individuals early access to the aquarium, allowing them to explore at their own pace before regular hours.

Autism Acceptance Day at Via Aquarium is dedicated to promoting understanding,

acceptance, and celebration of the unique strengths within the autism community.

Hopebridge physician Britney Cook says this event is designed to be inclusive for every kid who participates.

…When you’re handing out candy on Halloween night, be aware of children who are neurodivergent….

Parents in the community are grateful Hopebridge hosts events like this and hope to see more across the region. …


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