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Scarsdale, NY: Elem SPED classes more than double in 10 years

Jan 29, 2020, (Scarsdale, NY): 2020-21 School Budget, Staffing and Technology Update at the School Board Meeting …School Budget: The current estimate for the 2020-21 school budget is $166,988,817 which is an increase of 3.86% over the 2019-20 school budget and translates to a 3.6% tax increase. The reasons for the increase will be discussed at a subsequent meeting.... -During this ten-year period, the number of special education elementary classes has risen from 6 sections, to a projected 13 for the next school year and special education staff was added at the middle school and high school to accommodate students in the upper grades. -Over the years, five elementary reading teachers were added to support students at each of the five schools. - At the high school, staffing was increased by three positions to accommodate the STEAM curriculum and opening of the new design lab at SHS. After a discussion, the Board gave tentative approval, or a “soft nod,” for an additional 2.4 FTE’s for 2020-21 including: One elementary special education co-teaching position One elementary special education teacher for the new 8:1: 2 classroom that will accommodate some students who are now placed out of the district. The cost of this position should be offset by a reduction in out of district tuition payments….
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