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Sartell, MN: Local provider offers "mental health services"; 1/6 kids today has issues

Jan 7, 2019, Bristol (MN) Courier: Integrated mental health services help Minnesota kids SARTELL, Minn. (AP) — Making psychoeducation understandable in a kid-friendly way is one way practice administrator Jill Smith and her co-worker, Megan Corrieri, a licensed professional clinical counselor, help families. Both are part of integrated behavioral health services at the clinic, which offers holistic treatment for a child's mental and physical health. Sartell Pediatrics has offered mental health services for a few years, and hopes to expand. "We had seen a lot of need for it in our own patient population," Smith said. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention estimates one in six U.S. children ages 2-8 have a diagnosed mental, behavioral or developmental disorder. Christensen said anxiety is by far the No. 1 diagnosis for kids. It's followed by disruptive behaviors and mood regulation problems, which can be symptoms of ADHD. Depression is the other most common problem. According to the CDC nearly one in 10 kids age 2-17 have received an ADHD diagnosis, about 7 percent of kids 3-17 have a diagnosed behavior problem, about 7 percent of kids 3-17 have an anxiety diagnosis and about 3 percent of kids 3-17 have a depression diagnosis. … "There's a lot of kids that come in and ... are more oppositional, or really irritable or crabby," Christensen said. They don't have the skills or ability to organize their thoughts, mood and feeling in that moment, Corrieri said. "(The kids are) feeling so overwhelmed that they just lash out," Corrieri said.
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