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Sarasota, FL: District to have "mental health experts" at each school

Aug 13, 2018, CBS7, Sarasota, FL: Mental health experts coming to schools in Sarasota County The Sarasota County School District is taking a very proactive approach this school year when it comes to mental health, especially following the school massacre in Parkland earlier this year. 16 elementary schools, 6 middle schools and 3 high schools in addition to Sarasota High will have experts available dealing with all types of issues. … "You never know when someone needs the help and it's nice to know that it's accessible to them directly at school, especially if it's something happening at home and they need to talk to somebody," said Grewal. The school district is working with First Step of Sarasota and the Florida Center for Early Childhood Education to make this happen. It's something that all involved see as a win-win situation….

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