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Santa Fe, TX: More school security; "mental health teams" in each school

Aug 20, 2018, Houston Public Media: Santa Fe (TX) Schools Open Doors with Heightened Security …The school’s new metal detectors mean more composition books, fewer three-ring binders, or really anything with metal. It’s just one way heightened security is shaping school in the Santa Fe Independent School District, in the wake of a mass shooting that killed 10 people and wounded 13 others last May. More than 4,000 students in the rural district start class Monday…. Still, other families have said the upgrades — worth over $1 million — make the campus feel like a fortress and hope school will feel normal. The Santa Fe school district also plans to have mental health teams on campus throughout the year. They’re supposed to assess threats and work with police to prevent any incidents…. The changes come as districts across Texas look for ways to harden security. State lawmakers recently recommended more mental health resources and more funding to arm some school staff as ways to make Texas schools safer. More districts are opting to do that with the state’s school marshal program, so staff can carry concealed weapons and respond to an active shooter, if necessary….

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