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Santa Fe, NM: District to provide $300,000 for 5 "master social workers" to address mental health

June 22, 2018, KRQE TV, Albuquerque: Santa Fe Public Schools to add more safety measures As state lawmakers discuss how to make New Mexico schools safer, one local district is taking matters into its own hands. It is focusing on prevention of school shootings and the mental health issues that precede them. In an attempt to keep these horrific tragedies from even happening, Santa Fe Public Schools officials believe hiring social workers, among other changes, could be a great start. "If a student appears depressed, is angry, is acting out and could potentially be a threat, we want to provide that support to the child and the family," said Dr. Veronica Garcia, Superintendent. Dr. Garcia says $300,000 is being set aside to help troubled students. "We're looking at five master social workers who could provide a rapid response," said Dr. Garcia…. Starting this fall, every grade level will watch an instructional safety video starring students…. The video will go over safety procedures for lockdowns, shelter in place, and fire drills…. Salbidrez is also recommending that practice drills be held more often throughout the year, ideally, three times. … That is why the idea to beef up school security with resource officers will have to go through the Santa Fe Police Department. …


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