Santa Fe, MN: Review of restraint and seclusion for 'violent or aggressive behavior' in school

Oct 4, 2017, Santa Fe (NM) Reporter: Restraining Order Santa Fe Public Schools moves toward compliance with a new law on student restraint and seclusion The Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education Tuesday night updated a district policy on the use of restraints, seclusions and time-out for students found to exhibit “violent or aggressive behavior.” The policy comes in response to a state law that went into effect in June establishing more stringent parameters for when such measures can be used on students. According to the statute, only school staff properly trained in restraint and safety measures can apply them to students. For this to happen, students’ behavior must present an “imminent danger of serious harm” to themselves or others, and less restrictive measures have to appear incapable of preventing the imminent threat of physical harm.