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San Diego: Teachers protest plans to increase SPED classes

Feb 4, 2019, KPBS Public Broadcasting, San Diego: San Diego Unified Holds Off On Plan That Would Increase Special Education Caseloads San Diego Unified has agreed to temporarily hold off on a plan that would increase the caseload of some special education teachers. The news came as about 60 people gathered at the district office to protest Monday. The teachers, staff and parents wanted to deliver a letter to Superintendent Cindy Marten demanding she immediately staff-up special education and attend a forum to hear their concerns. The district plans to give some teachers new job classifications that would boost their caseload from 20 to 24 students. But teachers say they’re already maxed out. … Finegan said one student with autism was put in a general education classroom without the support required under his Individual Education Plan to help him be successful alongside typically-developing children. … Members of the San Diego Education Association, the union for teachers and other certificated staff in the San Diego Unified School District, are planning to march to Superintendent Cindy Marten’s office this afternoon. They’re demanding improved staffing for special education, and that Marten attend a forum to hear from special education teachers, other staff and parents. San Diego Unified Chief of Staff Staci Monreal heard their concerns at a forum last week. There, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports, teachers complained of existing caseloads taking over their personal lives and expressed dismay that some would see still higher caseloads next year. The district is changing the job titles of some staff — from special education teachers with a maximum caseload of 20 to resource specialists with a maximum caseload of 24. …


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