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San Diego State U. Autism Center sees "growing need"; addressing 'unmet need'

Nov 28, 2018, San Diego State U. News Center: Autism Center Answers Growing Need for Community Services The center is marking a major expansion by holding a community forum at Storm Hall on Nov. 30. Aiming to become a centralized location for assessment, diagnosis and support for people with autism spectrum disorders in San Diego County, the San Diego State University Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders has opened an expanded space for clinical services and outreach. … … Its services for the San Diego community include diagnostic assessments and evaluations for people of all ages, toddlers through adults, with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). “We could be doing assessments and evaluations full-time, all day, every day,” Fishman said. “There’s an unmet need in the community for affordable and accessible clinical and diagnostic services.” … Fishman said having a comprehensive location devoted to autism will bring together researchers aiming to translate scientific discoveries into benefits for children and families affected by autism. … The center staff is especially interested in serving adults with autism and developmental disorders, an underserved population that does not have the same access to services provided to school-age children through schools.


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