San Bernardino: $80K grant to train school staff to provide 'mental health first aid'

Dec 4, 2018, San Bernardino (CA) Sun: San Bernardino County schools get help to spot students with mental health, addiction issues A new $80,000 grant will be used to train school staff to provide "mental health first aid" while working to connect students with services. Starting next year, counselors and other workers at schools across San Bernardino County will be better able to spot students struggling with addiction and mental health issues. … Juniper said the training is for a variety of employees in schools. A broad swath of staff will receive the training, including cafeteria workers, security guards and anyone who has more regular access to students. They’ll be trained to know the signs and risk factors for both mental illness and addiction disorders, as well as how to connect students with those who can provide services to help them. … “The ultimate goal is to have all of our schools trained,” Juniper said. … Mental health issues have historically led to students getting into trouble at school. The grant will support training for those who handle discipline that focuses on the roots of behavior rather than simply punishing students for acting out. Specifically, the grant money will be used to help train staff to recognize “trauma induced behaviors,” where students’ mental health may be impacted by abuse, neglect or crime at home.