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Salt Lake City: New charter high school opens; capacity K-12 enrollment now 400 places

Oct 11, 2018, ABC4, Salt Lake City: New high school for students with autism opens in North Salt Lake A new school specifically designed to meet the needs of students with autism opened in North Salt Lake Wednesday. … The new high school made it possible for the charter school to open up 400 more spots to students K-12. … The courses in the high school include academic core and elective classes, as well as social and transitional skills classes. The CREATE Center offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway instruction and lab work in culinary arts and food services, entrepreneurship, information technology, business, and marketing, automotive and more. From soothing colors on the walls to natural light in every room and plenty of small break rooms adjacent to the classrooms, the new Spectrum Academy North Salt Lake High School is designed to accommodate its students' varying needs. "Kids with autism spectrum disorder are usually looked on as different and hard to be around," said Christina Guevara, Spectrum Academy's North Salt Lake High School principal. "This is a place they can come and be themselves." With one in every 47 Utah children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, Spectrum Academy charter school wanted to move beyond autism awareness and into action with its customized education approach. Spectrum Academy aims to give students with autism tools for life.


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