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Sacramento: Sensory Friendly Dance performs for "neurodiverse" individuals

Aug 12, 2022, KCRA TV, Sacramento: Sensory-friendly dance performance hosted this weekend in Sacramento
A Sacramento dance organization is inviting the autistic community to a live ballet performance of Peter Rabbit this weekend. The program is designed to make everyone feel accepted and comfortable in an inclusive environment.
Sensory Friendly Dance’s goal is to provide accessible dance classes and performances for neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals.

“We lower the sound volumes of the music, we keep the lights on, and we offer a calming corner in the lobby where children can play with fidget toys. There are therapists on hand in case they become overwhelmed or overstimulated, to help them relax and enjoy the experience,” said Sensory Friendly Dance director Alexandra Cunningham. “We offer noise canceling headphones and also a story, which outlines what to expect at the performance, in English and in Spanish."


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