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(S. Africa) Limpopo: Special school celebrating ASD/ "neuro-inclusive world for all"

Updated: May 12, 2023

May 4, 2023, Review online, Limpopo: New Horizon hosts Autism Awareness day

New Horizon Special School, in collaboration with Autism Limpopo recently commemorated Autism Awareness Day with an informative celebration at the school.

Autism Awareness Day is annually commemorated on April 2, but awareness campaigns about the condition, and how to best support autistic people, are held throughout the month of April.

The school’s autism awareness event, which was held on April 25, was aimed at transformation towards a neuro-inclusive world for all.

Nditwani Kwinda, the director of Autism Limpopo explained that autism is a neurodevelopment condition that affects people differently, where some might struggle with communication and experience delays in their normal development....

New Horizon principal, Robinson Phooko said they are celebrating their learners with autism while also creating awareness of the condition.

“We are trying to spread information about the condition and equip parents on how to care for their children, even when they are not at school. We also want other learners to understand learners with autism so that they can be supportive,” he said.

He urged parents of children with autism not to hide them but take them to schools such as New Horizon Special School, to make sure that they benefit from the education available to them.

“We are prepared to go the extra mile to make sure they are properly cared for and educated,” he said.


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