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Rothschild, WI: Ribbon cutting for new autism center

Rothschild, WIS. (WAOW) -- A facility that will help kids with autism in Central Wisconsin hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday. Caravel Autism Health officially opened its doors in July, but celebrated Monday. It's a colorful, child-friendly facility, aimed at helping any kids ages 2-18 with autism get the care they need and deserve…. "Helping them to build skills that they have gaps in their repertoire with, and help to build communication, social skills, all those kinds of functional skills for them," said Cierra Smith, Clinic Director and Lead Behavior Analyst….

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fei fei
fei fei
10.12.2021 г.

Any coincidence? Rothschild WI? The Rothschild Family?

Mrs. Dachel, please warn about what over 80 “freedom loving” republicans are doing.

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