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Roswell, NM: City to open $2.3M "all-inclusive playground" for children with autism

Oct 17, 2021, Roswell, NM, KRQE: Roswell officials celebrate site of all-inclusive playground

Children in Roswell will soon be able to play in the city’s new all-inclusive playground. City and state officials, the Autism Society, and the Kiwanis Club came together at the Cielo Grande Recreation Area on Friday, October 15 to mark the site of the park. The playground welcomes children with autism and other disabilities. According to the city, the park is specifically designed and will be located next to the Roswell Recreation and Aquatic Center at the east end of the Cielo Grande Recreation Area. It will include a sensory garden, a small water structure that won’t overstimulate kids, and swings that can fit a wheelchair. The City of Roswell states that it is seeking contractors for the project and aims to begin construction in January. The city currently estimates the project to cost $2.26 million with completion in May 2022.


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