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(Romania) Bucharest hosts 'Silent Day' Christmas celebration for special needs children

Dec 12, 2023, Romania Insider: “Silent Day” dedicated to children with special needs at Bucharest Christmas Fair
For the second year, the Bucharest City Hall is dedicating a day during the main Christmas Market in Constitutiei Square to children with special needs, under the title "Silent Day."

On Thursday, December 14, between 13:00 – 17:00, the Christmas Market will be adapted for little ones with sensory disabilities, who cannot withstand crowded environments, with a lot of noise, music, and light shows. During the mentioned time interval, noise will be reduced, and festive lighting will be minimal, for the safety of the participating children.

During the special day, children will have free access to all entertainment activities, namely the train, carousel, Ferris wheel (depending on the type of disability, where permitted and appropriate), as well as access to Santa's House, exclusively for them (meeting with Santa Claus and his elves, between 14:00-16:00).

"Because all children should enjoy the winter holidays, we are organizing the Silent Day at the Bucharest Christmas Fair in Constitutiei Square, an event dedicated to children with special needs," announced Bucharest mayor Nicușor Dan on Facebook.

Teams from the General Directorate of Social Assistance of the Bucharest Municipality will be at the fair to help children and parents so that they can have the most pleasant experience possible.


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