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Rolla, MO: Elem school to get "sensory walk" for kids "overwhelmed, fidgety, anxious"

June 12, 2019, Rolla (MO) Daily News: Freedom Elementary School awarded grant that will fund sensory walk space Behavior interventionist at Freedom Elementary School Crystal Reiner received a $500 grant from the nonprofit, online university, WGU Missouri, which will go towards creating a sensory walk space for students. A sensory walk space is an open space in a school that is usually a hallway, which allows students to engage in carefully designed activities such as skipping, hopping, bending, squatting and leapfrogging along a path. Projects like Reiner’s can be beneficial for students; especially students who may have trouble concentrating, who are feeling overwhelmed, fidgety or anxious. The space allows students to take a movement break and work off steam, so they can focus on learning while in the classroom….


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