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Rohnert Park, CA: Elem school adds "sensory path"; 'good as calming technique'

Mar 6, 2020, Rohnert Park (CA) Community Voice: Helping elementary kids focus with a sensory path This spring John Reed School in Rohnert Park will be installing a new playscape sensory path, a way to improve young students’ gross motor skills and a way for them to get their wiggles out outside before coming in to focus on class. The path is being made possible by a $4,400 grant from the Rohnert Park Foundation small grants program…. “This is something we thought our students could use,” says Canales. “We have some students that need brain breaks throughout their day. It’s a way to help those kids get out their energy in a productive way and then come in and focus and be ready to learn. It’s also good as a calming technique. Little kids sometimes have difficulty regulating emotions so they can go do that instead, if they need a break or if they’re feeling overwhelmed or angry. It’s a great way for them to have a break as well and come back ready.”…


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