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Rockland/Westchester,NY: Elem school gets 'sensory hallway'; helpful for kids with ADHD and more

Jan 21, 2019, Rockland/Westchester (NY) Journal News: A hop, skip and jump away from doing better in class Kids in the Suffern Central school district may just be a hop, skip and jump away from doing better in class. In the corridor leading to the kindergarten, first- and second-grade classrooms at Sloatsburg Elementary School, a colorful sequence of decals are affixed to the floor, creating a pathway…. These days at Sloatsburg and Viola elementary schools, when students are fidgeting, unfocused or having trouble sitting still in class, teachers can send them out to a "sensory hallway" and through the path, which takes less than a minute. The idea is that youngsters will burn some energy and return ready to learn…. She said sensory exercises are particularly helpful for kids who have processing issues, stress, anxiety and ADHD…. Less than a month after these “sensory hallways” were unveiled, educators say the small steps have brought about some big results. Stone said plans are underway to add them to two other Suffern schools: RP Connor Elementary and the middle school. Additionally, the idea has generated interest from other school districts, such as New Rochelle and South Orangetown, which just launched one at William O. Schaefer Elementary School. … Sensory hallways are part of a larger movement to get students, well, moving. …
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