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Rockford, IL: District teachers learn how trauma from home causes behavior problems

Aug 21, 2018, WREX—TV, Rockford, IL: Harlem School District instructs educators how to look for signs of trauma in their students From substance abuse, to domestic violence, to violence in their neighborhood students of all ages can be exposed to a variety of trauma. Which is why the Harlem School District says it's adopted a new approach to deliver care to those students who may not even realize they are struggling with something. "We have to know a child's story," says Loves Park Elementary Social Worker Margot Castillo. "So if I'm trauma informed I'm understanding what behavior, that is this child trying to communicate through his or her behavior?" The entire district has been trained on how to be trauma informed. This mean educators are taking the time to understand what's happened in a students life that may be pushing them to act out or lose focus, instead of immediately turning to discipline. … At Loves Park Elementary, every room is equipped with a comfort corner. If a student is struggling with something and needs to decompress, they can head there. This way they aren't completely excluded from the classroom. …

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