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Rock Creek, OH: Pre-K/kindergarten offered for ASD students; 'so few resources'

July 5, 2018, Ashtabula (OH) Star Beacon: Free preschool, kindergarten available for students with autism ROCK CREEK — Redstone Schoolhouse, 2987 High St., a school and childcare center, is an Autism Scholarship Provider that offers free preschool and kindergarten to children with autism. This means that families with children who have been diagnosed with autism or PDD/NOS can send their children to Redstone Schoolhouse free of charge regardless of their income. At Redstone, students participate in a full-time educational program, strictly designed for students with autism, with teachers who have been specifically trained in autism…. Ann Lopez, the executive director who has a daughter on the autism spectrum, said, “We will always continue to provide educational childcare and preschool to all students, but we also want to be able to bring these free autism services to Ashtabula County where there are so few resources for these students.”

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