Roanoke, VA: 5% increase in SPED students in 5 years

July 1, 2017, Roanoke (VA) Times: Special education families, school leaders concerned about future of Medicaid reimbursements Amy Trail’s son Noah has severe autism and epilepsy. Every week, he gets behavioral, speech, occupational and physical therapy. More help comes from home aides who work for the family. Most of the services the 12-year-old receives at school and home and the medications he takes daily are paid for by Medicaid. Trail tallied it up once and estimates his services run about half a million each year. In recent years, both the costs and the need for those types of services have grown. In the Roanoke and New River valleys, the number of students receiving special education services, many of which are covered by Medicaid, grew by about 5 percent in the past five years.