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Riverside, OH: High school holds Valentine dance for students with autism/sensory issues

Feb 14, 2019, Willoughby (OH) News Herald: Riverside High School hosts Valentine's Day dance for special education students Riverside High School turned up the volume and opened up the dance floor for a Valentine’s Day dance which placed its spotlight on their special education students. Organized by Riverside’s special education unit, the Feb. 14 dance which seeks to celebrate the uniqueness inherent in everybody, now enjoys over 10 years of tradition at the school…. Students with autism were afforded considerations that would be overlooked at typical dance events, including noise-cancelling headphones which allowed the festivities to remain enjoyable without risk of it becoming overwhelming. Multiple staff members were on hand, not only serving as chaperones, but to head off any potential sensory overload that students might experience. Attentive Riverside staff were able to take affected students aside and offer quiet one-on-one time along the bleachers until they’re ready to jump back onto the dance floor for the next song. …


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