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Richmond, KY: New ASD/ADHD therapy center to meet "high demand"

Jun 7, 2022, Richmond (KY) Register: Hogg Therapy celebrates opening of new location in Richmond
Hogg Therapy, which provides speech, physical and occupational therapy to children of Madison County, opened their newest location today....

Located at 400 Farris Parks Boulevard, the therapy center will now be closer to their many patients in Richmond. The center works with children from ages 0 to 21, if needed. Hogg Therapy helps families with child diagnosed with ADHD, autism, down syndrome and sensory processing disorder or children needing occupational, speech therapy or social skills training.

Their website also has an interactive child developmental checklist for parents to see if their children are on track, what areas could be improved, and what their options are.

Jennifer Howler, co-owner of practice location and occupational therapy, said the business need more space after their other locations became overwhelmed.

"We started in Berea and then the demand was just so hot. So many kids are driving from Richmond," Howler said. "We decided to open a small office in Richmond to see how it did and then we outgrew it really quick."

Their facility was open for three years in Richmond, before they moved to their new location due to high demand. \...

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