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Religions need to provide for autistic members; "Autistic priest" calls for accommodations

Aug 20, 2023, Get Religion published an article entitled, Are congregations ready to help carry the unique spiritual burden of autism? by Terry Mattingly.

It basically called for churches to accommodate people with autism. But in a few sanctuaries linked to ancient traditions, worship leaders are trying something different. In some Eucharistic services, they are offering autistic worshippers an atmosphere that is more calm and less intense.

“Autistic Priest”

One spokesperson for the autism community is Father Matthew Schneider. He was diagnosed with autism as an adult.

"If you look at many church services from the point of view of highly sensitive people – especially autistic children – there is too much noise, too many lights," said Father Matthew Schneider, known to online Catholics as @AutisticPriest. "We can turn down the lights. We can turn down the volume. We can do a few things to accept these families and let them feel more comfortable."…


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