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Pueblo, CO: "Innovative" school started for special needs kids; "traditional classroom" alternative

July 30, 2018, Pueblo (CO) West View: Educational therapy-based school opens in Pueblo An innovative nonprofit private school in which educational therapy is the foundation of instruction is now accepting students in grades 2 through 12…. Gish, a professionally certified educational therapist through National Institute for Learning Development, said the therapy-based approach is a first for Pueblo. "It is an individualized intervention strengthening the underlying causes of learning difficulties," Gish said. "This program is for students who struggle to learn in the traditional classroom but aren't necessarily kids who have severe learning disabilities or are in special education."… The uniqueness of P.E.A.K. is that it combines educational therapy with classroom instruction…. Gish said P.E.A.K. is ideal for not only those students struggling in the traditional school setting -- whether academically, socially, emotionally or a combination thereof -- "but smart kids who want more of an independent style of learning. It's personalized -- we teach them how to think through the therapy, which leads to lifelong learning."…

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