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Provo, UT: $2M home for 24 ASD young adults to open; 1 in 54 kids have autism in Utah

Feb 1, 2020, Provo (UT) Daily Herald: Provo home for teens with autism opens The Heritage Community’s newest facility isn’t meant to just be a house; it’s a home…. The Michael S. Sproul Smart Home will begin seeing residents next week. The $2 million home, which broke ground in October 2018, will house 24 teens who are considered to be on the high-functioning side of the autism spectrum, have a developmental disability or have been diagnosed with a learning disability…. Inside, the home is designed to be a safe space for its residents, with light, homey decor, earth tones, a virtual reality room, sensory spaces and an art room that reminds its occupants that “art has no rules.” The typical stay for a resident at the facility is expected to be 14 months. Wallace said the home will collaborate with the nearby ScenicView Academy, a facility for adults on the autism spectrum. In Utah, 1 in 54 children will be diagnosed with autism, compared to the national level of 1 in 68, according to statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. … The facility seeks to help the traditionally-underserved age group of the autism spectrum. Wallace said most services are aimed at young children or those who are considered to be on the lower-functioning side of the spectrum. The new home hopes to bridge that gap…. “This is on the leading edge of technology that’s available to help this population,” said Holly Mero-Bench, the director of Vivint Gives Back….
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