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Prestonsburg, KY: City council discusses "sensory-friendly park"

June 4, 2023, Floyd County Chronicle, Prestonsburg, KY: Crider discusses sensory-friendly park with city council

The Imaginarium, an ADA accessible all-inclusive park which is to be built on Big Sandy Community and Technical College’s Prestonsburg campus, was the topic of discussion during a special called city council meeting on May 25.

Courtney Crider, who has been working with the Kent Rose Foundation and many others on awareness of the park, addressed the council about the park.

“I have two special needs children: one with autism and one with pretty severe mobility issues,” Crider said. “I also have a child who is typically developing, and this is just as important for her and other typically developing children.

After leaving the area for a short time, Crider said, she saw the need for an upgrade.

“We moved to Louisville for a little while and when we came back, we realized that we were missing some things,” she said. “So, my husband and I decided that we wanted to bring what we learned there, here. One of those things was an all inclusive park.

“What we saw from these parks is that our kids were able to play together for the first time at a park, functionally, with adequate equipment” Crider said. “This would give access to children and adults who are in a wheelchair. So, it is just as important for adults with children as it is for children. There are ramps for children to get up slides, and the slides may be wider so parents can accompany them down the slide.”

Crider said this is just as important for typically developing children as it is for those with special needs.

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