Portsmouth, OH: Sensory room/yoga helps students "learn how to calm themselves"

April 30, 2018, Portsmouth (OH) Daily Times: Portsmouth City Schools present forum Bringing educators and business people together may not be done very often, but the Portsmouth City School district does its part in trying to bring those groups together at least four times a school year. … First to speak on what they called the “Building Showcases” were Chrystal McCain and Anna Whitt, who were introduced by Principal Beth Born. These ladies spoke on their sensory room for students with multiple disabilities. In September, The Daily Times published an article about these two along with photos of their room. They spoke about how the room they designed and built has helped them as teachers and their students during this school year. The women raised the funds for this room. They talked about how much the students have benefited from the equipment they now use on a day-to-day basis. They said the students have been able to be mainstreamed more because they are able to use what they have in the sensory room, and then they can calm down and use what they have learned in the sensory classroom to be able to be in the regular classroom. The teachers continued talking about how they are now more able to help those students who are mainstreamed with their studies due to the shared teaching they are able to maintain since the building of the sensory room. Because of this room, each student is also able to receive more one-on-one time each school day. McCain and Whitt also spoke about how they have added a yoga aspect to the sensory room. …Within two days, a corporation funded the entire project, and they noted how the addition of yoga is a great assist in helping their students learn how to calm themselves.