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Portsmouth, NH: Former children home to be SPED school for kids who can't attend reg. school

Aug 30, 2018, Portsmouth, NH, Fosters: St. Charles begins new era in Rochester [NH] St. Charles Children’s Home has served children in Rochester for generations, but this week the home officially embarked on its exciting new chapter as a full-time therapeutic school known as St. Charles School. The 1880s building, located on Grant Street across from Rochester Common, served as an orphanage and as a residential children’s home for 100 years until 2012 when it became a private service provider for area public school students with emotional, social and behavioral challenges. Seeing the need for a more specialized school that would allow those students more time and flexibility to work through their challenges and past traumas, Sister Mary Agnes Dombroski and her staff began the process two years ago to get licensed as a 24-student private school focused on special education. The state approved St. Charles Children’s Home’s transformation into St. Charles School in July, and the first classes under the new educational structure began this past Tuesday. Dombroski, the school’s executive director, said the change is exciting because she and her staff can now fulfill what they believe is their ethical obligation to ensure students aren’t moved back into public school classrooms before they’re ready. …

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