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Portland, OR: Expert: "ADHD, Neurodiversity are SUPERPOWERS"

July 26, 2023, KATU TV, Portland, OR: How ADHD & Neurodiversity are Superpowers

Clinician, professor, and brain researcher, Dr. Robert Milillo, shared how ADHD and neurodiversity are superpowers that can empower children and adults when they are understood.

VIDEO Dr. Milillo: I say, the reason you have ADHD or you have this other type of developmental issue is because there are areas of the brain that are super strong, and even genius level.

It starts with that. It starts with areas of the brain that are incredibly powerful. …

In families with autism, there’s usually a high amount of professors and engineers and mathematicians and physics professors. ..

We’re a left brain driven world. Technology, media, living in a more virtual world….


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