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Plymouth, MN: District to receive $1.9M for mental health services

Nov 25, 2018, Savage MN, Lakeshore Weekly News: Intermediate District 287 gets mental health grant State officials awarded $4.9 million in mental health grants to intermediate school districts, including $1.9 million to Intermediate District 287 in partnership with the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. Intermediate school districts like 287 give additional support to students whose needs aren’t being met in a traditional school setting by providing highly specialized educational programs such as special education, area learning centers, career tech programs and online learning. Intermediate District 287 serves several school districts, including Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Orono, Wayzata and Westonka. The Minnesota Department of Human Services announced the School Innovation Grant initiative on Tuesday, Nov. 20, noting they will help the intermediate district provide mental health services to children, including children who have experienced trauma. …

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