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Plumas County, CA: SPED costs "going up"; state/federal funding is not

Jan 22, 2020, Quincy, CA, Plumas News: Measure B projects dominate school board A discussion of Measure B projects dominated the Plumas Unified School District Board Of Trustees meeting Jan. 15 — not only which ones will receive the green light, but what process will be used to select them…. Special education The costs of special education are going up, but state and federal funding is not. That meant a $1.7 million infusion from the school district’s general fund to pay for services for one year. Kevin Bean, who oversees the district’s special education program as its SELPA director, shared with the trustees the escalating costs and the steps the district can take to reduce them, while adhering to all requirements and providing for the needs of the students. In 2016-17, the district served 255 students, that number now stands at 285. “We have had several high needs students move to the county,” Bean explained. The district must follow a formula for its annual spending based on one of four options, all designed to maintain the same minimum level of funding as the prior year. There are some exemptions though: decreased enrollment, voluntary staff departures, students aging out of the district, and termination of expensive equipment or facilities….


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