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Plano, TX: District adds random metal detector checks; mental health screenings

Oct 19, 2018, Fox4, Plano, TX: Plano ISD to begin using metal detectors in secondary schools The Plano Independent School District is stepping up security by adding metal detector searches. But the checks will be random. According to the district’s website, the plan is to soon have students walk through metal detectors in both middle schools and high schools within the district. Campus administrators would select groups of students at random. They would be asked to remove items from their pockets. When an alarm goes off, the staff will have hand-held devices to help locate the source. … Since then, Texas leaders have pushed all districts to confirm they have an emergency plan in place. Gov. Greg Abbott also held three days of roundtable discussions at the state capitol over the summer to discuss things like expanded school protection, mental health screenings and a few narrow gun regulations.


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