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Pittsburg, KS: Schools hold third annual autism prom

Mar 7, 2020, KOAM News, Pittsburg, KS: KOAM PROM FOR STUDENTS IN THE AUTISM PROGRAM AT PITTSBURG SCHOOLS OFFERS SENSORY FRIENDLY FUN HTTPS://WWW.KOAMNEWSNOW.COM/PROM-FOR-STUDENTS-IN-THE-AUTISM-PROGRAM-AT-PITTSBURG-SCHOOLS-OFFERS-SENSORY-FRIENDLY-FUN/ It’s Olivia LeFever’s first prom and she’s excited. “I come here and dance.” But this isn’t your average dance…this prom is tailored to students who are on the autism spectrum at Pittsburg Schools. The theme this year is superhero’s. “I’m wonder woman, wonder woman” added Olivia. … “We had a couple students go to prom, like the prom within the whole school of PHS, and it was just kind of overwhelming for the kids, a lot of bright lights and here we can make it fit their sensory needs better and a comfortable setting for them” said Special Education Teacher at Pittsburg High School, Amber Kloster. It’s the third year Pittsburg Schools have held the prom, with this year being the biggest one yet. …


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