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Picayune, MS: Not enough help for "the many children diagnosed with dyslexia" in district

May 26, 2019, Picayune (MS) Item: Two of three school districts employ dyslexia therapist Parents of children in some of the county’s school districts are concerned that students with dyslexia are not receiving the amount of help they need while in school. The alleged limited or lack of access to a dyslexia therapist has caused about 200 parents to sign a petition. Two parents also expressed their financial concerns because they say they have to pay for private services. … Keri Sanders’ child attends the Pearl River County School District, which has a dedicated dyslexia therapist in training on staff. However, Sanders said that she feels there are not enough staff to help the many children diagnosed with dyslexia in that District, so she also had to enroll her child in private therapy sessions at a monthly expense of $320. Representatives of all three school districts said that children are screened for learning disabilities such as dyslexia in the spring of their kindergarten year. If a warning sign is noted, then that child is screened again in the fall of their first grade year. After the second screening, the District staff will notify the parents if there is a problem. At that point, it is up to the parent to have their child officially diagnosed. … “We recognize the difficulties those students have and strive to meet their needs with limited funding,” Posey said. …


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