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Philadelphia: "More than 3,700 students with an autism diagnosis"; "increasing number"

Apr 12, 2023, School District of Philadelphia: District honors individuals during 13th Annual Autism Expo

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, the School District of Philadelphia hosted its 13th Annual Autism Expo. More than 35 vendors attended to provide insightful information about services and programs available to students with special needs and their families.

Now sponsored by the Office of Special Education and Diverse Learners, the Autism Expo began through a conversation between one of the District’s former Autism Support teachers, Ms. Mona Cohen, and the Office of Special Education to create a citywide initiative with providers who specialize in resources for students with Autism.

The District provides services to more than 3,700 District students with an autism diagnosis.

“These students work tirelessly each and every day to overcome barriers and achieve academic success,” said Superintendent Dr. Tony B. Watlington, Sr. “Today’s expo is just one way the District works with students and their families to offer support and help create pathways for students on the autism spectrum.”

“Autism can be a socially isolating disability. Families often feel further isolated as they seek help and services so this expo is intended to provide an additional opportunity for support,” said Sonya Berry, Interim Chief, Office of Special Education and Diverse Learners, School District of Philadelphia. “Our district has expanded its services to account for this large growth as we continue to support best practices for educating students with autism by developing partnerships through a variety of collaborative programs.”…

National Autism Acceptance Month celebrates the unique experiences of students with autism. The month highlights the increasing number of individuals identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder and connects the Autism community with the necessary support and resources available.


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