Philadelphia: Middle school gets "calming room"; 'therapeutic space' for mental health

April 6, 2018, Philadelphia Tribune: 'Calming Room' opens at Tilden Middle School The grand opening of a “calming room” at Tilden Middle School in Southwest Philadelphia was facilitated through Cigna’s Community Ambassador Fellowship Program. The room is aimed at providing a “safe, therapeutic space to help better support students’ mental health and well-being.” Cool blue walls encircle a space filled with stations meant to give middle-schoolers a 10- to 15-minute “brain break.” There’s an area for yoga, an art station for drawing and a reading couch with books on meditation and photography. In another corner, plush floor cushions offer students a place to sit and listen to pre-loaded iPods, which offer self-guided meditation tracks and soothing music. The space is meant for solitary reflection and relaxation. The only place where students are allowed to speak to one another is in the discussion circle, a ring of low-slung seats in the middle of the room.