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Peoria, IL: Workshop for schools focuses on student behavior and threat prevention

July 17, 2018, Peoria (IL) Public Radio: Student Behavioral Threat Assessment Workshop Held in Dunlap “If in doubt, shout it out!” That’s the message a national safety expert is teaching Illinois law enforcement and educators. Dozens of agencies and schools are participating in an Illinois School and Campus Safety Program at Dunlap High School. The workshop focused on evaluating student behavior and threat prevention methods. Dr. Gene Deisinger is with the Virginia-based SIGMA threat management associates. He says cooperation between schools, law enforcement and the wider community is the best threat prevention approach. “Violence is a complex phenomenon. It’s not solely a mental health (issue). It’s not solely behavioral. It's not solely a criminal issue. It’s not solely an administrative issue. So if we can bring the best assets we have from those respective domains, we have the best possible solution with the resources we have,” says Deisinger….

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