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Peoria, IL: Museum has "open spaces for children with autism to play"

Apr 23, 2023, 25 News, Peoria, IL: Inclusion Day at the Riverfront Museum creates safe space for kids with Autism

The Peoria Riverfront Museum, created an open space, for children with autism to play and learn Sunday.

Everything from kinetic sand that sticks together, to making flowerpots and a quiet room with calming music was available for kids with Autism.

The Museum also made sure to accommodate the children in both the Planetarium and the movie theatre with special seating, lower volume and providing sunglasses to see each of the screens.

In the lobby, there were local resources and organizations to help parents navigate the journey of raising kids with special needs.

The Autism Collective Executive Director, Kelly Nimtz-Rusch, says holding an inclusion day, where it’s free for families to explore the museum has been a much-needed request….

She also tells 25News, The Autism Collective, and the Peoria Riverfront Museum are moving forward with a partnership to hold an inclusion day like Sunday’s at least once a quarter.


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