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Parkersburg, WV: "Autism Acceptance Month," not Autism Awareness Month

April 8, 2022, WTAP, Parkersburg, WV: Autism Awareness Month now called Autism Acceptance Month

April has been known as Autism Awareness Month but this year, the Autism Society has announced that it is being changed to Autism Acceptance Month. The shift in the use of terminology aims to improve support and opportunities in education, employment, accessible housing, affordable health care and comprehensive long-term services for people on the Autism spectrum. Brandon Gress, Executive Director of the Wood County Society said they strive to grow awareness and acceptance of Autism throughout the MOV…. Gress said the society held an Autism Acceptance Month kick-off event earlier this month and will hold several others throughout the coming weeks. This Sunday there will be a “sensitive Easter Bunny” ready to great sensory sensitive kids at the Wood County Society headquarters. Gress said the society will also provide training for first responders on the best ways to interact with people with Autism or other sensory-sensitive conditions. …

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