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Park Hills, MO: 5th grade adds flexible seating for kids with 'problems sitting still during class'

Sept 12, 2018, Park Hills (MO) Democratic News: Seating flexibility makes learning fun …Hovis' [fifth grade] classroom is now filled with many options for students to choose from including crates, yoga balls, a booth, sofa, stools and more. "I thought about all the kids that have problems sitting still during class," Hovis said. "I thought maybe this will help students be able to concentrate during class. I am always into making things better. I am not one to get in a groove of doing the same year after year." Hovis said it is a challenge at times and it does not make teaching easier for her. "In a lot of the seating, kids are moving while in the seat," Hovis said. "Some chairs swivel side to side, some you bounce on. So you have to accept that they are going to be moving around with them." Hovis admits her least favorite option is the yoga balls which happen to be a favorite among the kids. "That one (the yoga balls) the kids bounce, but I have rules about how high they can bounce," Hovis said. "My rule for that is that I shouldn't see any air between the ball and their butt."… Hovis said she is not the only teacher within the Fredericktown R-I School District to implement this with at least two more teachers in the intermediate school using the concept in their classrooms….

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