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Ozark, MO: School committee focuses on childhood trauma and student mental health

Aug 26, 2018, Ozark, MO, CCHeadliner: Our View: school district takes role of mental health awareness advocate Last year, the Ozark School District began a committee dedicated to the sole purpose of mental health education. This year, the committee will continue its efforts, instilling a special focus on trauma and its effects on students’ mental health, according to Ozark Assistant Superintendent Craig Carson…. Here’s some other worrisome data: according to a 2018 Missouri Student Survey in Christian County, on the website for the Missouri Department of Mental Health, 25.8 percent of students agreed they were “very sad” under a category labeled “Depression Scale.” In addition, 12.9 percent had “seriously considered suicide,” 9.5 percent “planned suicide,” and another 5.8 percent had previously “attempted suicide.”…


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