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Ottawa Cty, MI: "School should be teaching kids more than just algebra and chemistry"

June 22, 2018, Holland (MI) Sentinel: Quick Hits: Four thoughts on this week’s news …Mental health needs addressing in the open …As suicide rates went up by more than 30 percent in half of states since 1999, over half of those who died by suicide did not have any known mental health condition. … ... But the numbers are there: Suicide rose by almost 33 percent here in Michigan since 1999. There are people out there who are struggling. We need to start a conversation in the community to put a support system in place so those people can receive the help they need. It also comes back to kids not always being able to manage life’s challenges. A 2017 Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey found that depression and suicide attempts have risen among Ottawa County teens; about 19 percent of those studied said they had seriously thought about attempting suicide in the past year, up from 15 percent in 2016. School should be teaching kids more than just algebra and chemistry; school counselors should take the time to teach students coping and problem-solving skills so that they can better handle life’s challenges and maybe avoid going down that dark road of depression and anxiety.

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