Oskaloosa, IA: District hires consultant to deal with "extremely challenging behaviors"

Sept 17, 2017, Oskaloosa (IA) Herald: Behavior specialist talks to board Take Action Consulting CEO Rozanne Warder, who was hired by the Oskaloosa Community School District to aid with the student behavior issues within the district, said it’s been hard work but a lot of fun for her and that things are going well.... “We have a specific population of kids with extremely challenging behaviors. I am certain that most of those behaviors of those few children are precipitated by children with early childhood trauma,” she said. “And so what happens is instead of consequencing or fixing behavior, sometimes when they’re in that cycle of being triggered, we often have to figure out what our contingency plans and how do we keep people safe and keep them in school.” Warder said she will be meeting with the school’s social/emotional intervention team which is made up of teachers at the middle school, as well as Area Education Agency and partners in the community. ... Warder also spoke about the schools’ autism program. She said parents have requested forming a group and that she would bring in autism experts to share information with parents. “We have some kids that are struggling, so we’ve brought in some folks to work on our work tasks, our vocational tasks, our break tasks,” she said. “We had students who are really struggling to get to school and stay in school and we’ve had some really good success and parents are pleased about that and that’s a difficult group to work with.”