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Orthodox Jewish outlet announces "EMBRACING NEURODIVERSITY" course

July 12, 2023, COLlive: New Course to Launch on Embracing Neurodiversity

Orthodox Jewish news Service

Sign up now for a 3-part course on understanding neurodiversity from a spiritual perspective.

Every human being is created in the divine image and therefore has inherent value and purpose. This includes individuals who are neurodiverse, and who possess unique gifts and abilities that reflect G-d’s creativity and diversity in creation. Neurodivergent individuals are not only special but also an integral part of G-d’s beautiful creation.

Families with loved ones who are neurodivergent navigate a variety of experiences and emotions. Some families may face difficulties in accessing appropriate support and accommodations, while others may experience stigma or misunderstanding from society.

However, neurodiversity can also offer unique perspectives and strengths, and with proper understanding and support, families can embrace and celebrate the diversity within their own households.

In this course, we will reframe challenges and struggles that may come from caring for neurodivergent loved ones and help understand these struggles in new ways.

This will be a 3-Part Series LIVE on Zoom. Consecutive Tuesdays, starting July 18 @ 8:30PM EDT.*

Participants will receive login information and more details.


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