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Orem, UT: Mall hosts 'Quiet Santa' for kids with "sensory issues/autism"

Dec 6, 2022, KSL News Radio, Salt Lake City, UT: “Quiet Santa” provides space for kids with sensory issues

OREM, Utah– The University Place Mall in Orem is running a special “Quiet Santa” for kids with special sensory needs like those with Autism.

The mall has partnered for years with the Melissa Nellesen Center to help kids with sensory needs meet Santa.

Parent Sierra Draper said this is special for the children to have one-on-one time with Santa without all the distractions.

“Honestly, me and my husband just sobbed,” said Draper. “We had Santa come in and they had bubbles and balls for her to play with.”

Draper said it was “the best opportunity” because its hard for her severely autistic daughter to be in public spaces. …

The event, which runs through Dec. 10, starts before the mall opens to keep distractions low for the children as they meet Santa.

Event Planner, Jared Mower said the event has had the same Santa since it started and he said it’s the highlight of the year….

The Quiet Santa event allows kids with sensory issues to meet Santa. (Photo: Canva)


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