Oregon: "Greater levels of school violence and student self-harm" possible this year

Dec 3, 2017, Eugene (OR) Register-Guard: A plan to address bullying in schools The rate at which students in Oregon schools are being bullied, harassed or targeted by other troubling or aggressive behavior appears to be skyrocketing. The challenges are obviously the result of the social upheaval that is reflected in our national politics, as well as the stress being experienced by families and young people. All schools must do a better job of addressing these concerns.... If these concerns are not effectively addressed, this school year may bring greater levels of school violence and more student self-harm, including the potential for suicide. Regardless of how much effort Oregon teachers dedicate to meeting learning objectives, students who are stressed are not going to learn — and often they will not even come to school. The disruption is harming all students. The stress being experienced by school staff members is profound. … School-wide mindfulness practices: Increasing mindfulness practices that enable students to better self-regulate, especially in stressful situations, is critically important. Basics include daily mindfulness practice, mindfulness calming glitter jars on every elementary school students’ desk and a “calming corner” in every elementary school classroom. At the secondary level, the basics include several minutes of mindfulness breathing exercises during the morning announcements and another short mindfulness breathing session right after lunch, a mindfulness calming room that students can easily access, and encouragement for families to implement mindfulness practices in the home.