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Oregon City, OR: 9 yr old suicide victim; more school resources called for

Dec 15, 2019, Oregonian: Oregon City 4th grader dies by suicide Elijah Hauff was only 9 years old when he took his own life on Dec. 10…. “Elijah was very loving, very caring; he cares about people," Salina Martinez, the boy’s aunt, told KATU. “He’s just an amazing little boy, and his life was taken too short.” “I’m in shock," she said. Hauff’s aunt said the boy had been bullied, felt unloved and had even spoken about his suicidal ideations. … The second one of these “Coffee Talks” at Holcomb Elementary School is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 17 at 4 p.m. Parents and guardians of children who attend the school will be able to talk to Holcomb’s principal, Kelli Rhea, as well as Galli Murray, Clackamas County’s Suicide Prevention Coordinator, and John Ogden, Oregon City School District’s Director of Human Resources, and a licensed counselor. In the letter to parents about Hauff’s death, Didway said the school would be providing more mental health resources for students. “You should have had it before, you should have had it for the kids that needed it,” Martinez told KATU. “It could have helped them. I’m glad that they have it here. I’m glad, but it’s too late for Elijah.”


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